We are One of the leading dealers and suppliers of Pumps like end suction pumps, Horizontal split casing pumps, vacuum pumps, multistage pumps, horizontal process pumps, vertical process pumps, centrifugal pumps, etc. from Bangalore in India.

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  Type: Horizontal Split Case [UP (T)/ UP, DSM, SCT ]
For Handling: Injection Water & Spray Water, water supply, cooling water, river water, raw water, fire fighting.
  Type: Multistage (RKB, IL, CF)
For Handling: Boiler Feed, high pressure, fire fighting.
  Type: Non-Clog Pump (SHM)
For Handling: Juice, Mud & Syrup in Sugar industries, high consistency pulp, in paper industries and effluent handling.
  Type: End Suction Mixed Flow (MF)
For Handling: Injection & Spray Water, cooling water, effluent handling, high discharge at low head.